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"When the experienced speaks, the mind of folowers finds it indecent to object!"

Call for membership of MITWS

If you wish be a member of MITWs

General Instructions

  • The MITWS is a not for profit organization working in the area of supporting scientific research, development/implementation of noble technological solutions, participate in various research and social activities. It is a team of academicians and researchers and we are willing to develop new technologies as appropriate solutions for the societal problems and current global challenges.
  • It is a general call for the association irrespective of any discrimination on the basis of cast, religion, gender, color or nationality. We are inviting people to be a integrate part of “TEAM-MITWS”.
  • Any person throughout the global can be associated with us as advisor/ volunteer
  • Salary/stipend: We are not having a plan to pay any salary/stipend to our advisor /member /volunteer in the present time. Their participation in the various programs will be considered as volunteer services for the society. However, in the coming future we have a plan, under discussion in the executive council, for providing suitable honorarium amount to the members for the volunteer services. It is delayed due to shortage of fund right now. We are in a growing and expansion phase and make collaborative partnership/ networking with many other organizations. We will provide suitable stipends to the project associates in the coming years.
  • Age: For member /advisor/volunteer the age should be 18+. However, for student volunteer 14+ is also considered.
  • Fee: The membership fee for Life Time Member 2000 INR, Executive Member 500 INR for 5 years, Ordinary Member 100 INR for 1 year.
  • The academic advisors and student volunteers have been exempted from the membership fee. Their presence in the annual meeting is not mandatory, but they can attend.
  • Only doctorate degree holder will be considered as an academic advisor/mentor for any scientific/technological research programs. Experienced non-doctorate candidate may also consider.
  • The doctorate member can only be authorized to be a principal investigator or project leader in a scientific research project of MITWS.
  • The primary duties of academic advisor is to provide their valuable suggestion for the various research projects/programs, participate as editor/ reviewer for EDICOR and as a editorial board member for the journals and magazines published by MITWS. It is expected that they will help to our young research scholars, who seeks help from society in their Ph.D. research work. We will not oblige student for giving authorship in their research publication to any of our advisors. Support to young research scholars is totally a voluntarily service by academic advisor and we are just helping hands for them. However, authorship in the research publication will be mutual consent of research scholar and academic advisor.
  • We will not charge any fee for any type guidance and support to research scholars, except the EDICOR services (editing, proof reading and plagiarism creaking of manuscript). Suitable honorarium amount will provide to academic advisors, who participate in EDICOR programs, as a reward for investing their time and intellectual input.
  • The academic advisor are expected to participation in the process of preparation of innovative syllabus and course modules for graduation and post graduation level courses of the proposed University of MITWS - ARYAVRAT VISWA VIDYA PEETH: an institute under UGC-2016 regulation Act of De-nova category.
  • Any person who have industrial experience will be consider as Industrial advisors, the primary duty of a industrial advisor is to collaborate academic advisor and participate in the process of technology translation. As we understand, the main reason for transfer of research result to land is a lack of suitable channel for transferring which facilitate the translation of research result into a technological products or process. MITWS is working in such a way, so that we can act as a junction body between academic and industry. So, we are expecting that the industrial advisor support academic advisor to channelize their new research finding in the form of some new product/ process. Similarly, academic advisors will help to industry people by providing new solution for the existing problems in the industry. We are here for betterment of all the stake holders in the best possible way.
  • Any industrialist/ corporate house can apply for industrial partner of MITWS, they are expected to take part in various programs of MITWS, or a funding/ managerial partner of a the new incubating startup company/ or willing to support a startup business for growth, training, sustainability, funding, networking, incubation, R & D, technology up gradation/ technology lease out/ franchisee or any other similar activities.
  • Fund raising processes are under process for our various scientific and social activities. We are accepting donation in any form- you can donate books, scientific instruments, computers or financial support.
  • The MITWS initiate 20 thread programs to describe our various activities.
  • Team MITWS is collaborating with academic, NGOs, new startup companies, research laboratories, research professionals, small and medium enterprises, technological industries, schools and colleges industries.
  • We are collaborating with various academic and research laboratory. Any researcher can associate with us as individual/ R&D lab/ R&D organization.
  • Our true service for the humanity is to facilitate the development of indigenous creative new technological products. We will support root level innovators, research scholars, students, startups and small and medium scale industries.
  • We will act as a platform where people get a friendly ecosystem for materializing their innovative ideas/concepts as a technology/product/process/ support new startups/ business setup.

Association of funding partners/investors

Terms and Conditions

  • Research project run at “Technology Translation Center-MITWS” should be under the common interest of MITWS and funding organization/partner/investor (approved the feasibility of the project by senior academicians/ MITWS advisors/industrial partners).
  • Industrial technical issues (related to product development/process improvement) will be identified and evaluated by the committee of members of MITWS and external experts of the subjects.
  • A feasibility report for a project will be drafted and evaluated by a joint team constituted by the representative of both parties. In addition, referee advice (recommended consultants/expert professors) will also consider.
  • The research fund obtained from industrial partner/ investor/funding agencies will be used for specific program/ project only. A contractual agreement will be sign for involving MITWS academic/industrial advisors in the research project.
  • The agreement clearly indication about the Total budget of the project and sub class of budget- salary, contingency, equipment, consumables.
  • Appropriate salary will provide to the engage scientist/academic advisor/mentors and other project employees. Research assistance/ stipend will provide to student. The final decision on the amount of salary and stipend will be decide by the authorities of MITWS.
  • MIWTS will provide all necessary laboratory and work shop facilities for executing the research project. We will authorize to carry out some part of research work in the premises/ laboratories of our associated academic partners, when ever needed.
  • The funds should receive before project work start in the laboratories.
  • We will provide all scientific, technical, IPR related input, quarterly expenditure /utilization report and project progress report to the funding agency/ company/partners.
  • Technology develop/translate/scale will transfer to other industry under a common licensed agreement among all the concern parties.
  • The royalty of any developed technology will be distributed in the following manner- 40% Funding agency/organization, 20% MITWS, 20 % Research supervisor, 20% inventor.
  • MITWS will complete the project in the specific schedule time. And MITWS maintains the integrity of this agreement with honesty and sincerity.
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