MahamanaVigyaan Manch

"Science is a beautiful gift to humanity, we should not disturb it."
“विज्ञान मानवता के लिए एक सुंदर उपहार है, हमें इसे परेशान नहीं करना चाहिए।”


Program for Science Club (PSC)



  • To support and motivate for establishing science clubs in various schools and colleges.
  • To develop understanding about science subjects aptitude among children and youths.
  • To aware youth and children about scientific phenomena taking place in their daily life.
  • To organize events/activities which improve the general awareness on pollution, water preservation, renewable/green energy, deforestation and effects, conservation of environmental, wild life animals, personnel and social hygiene, first aid technique during emergency situation, and other science and technological issues.
  • To provide opportunities for interact/communicate with scientists.
  • To provide career guidance and career consultancy.
  • To organize activities for popularize science.
  • To help for the development of moral values and tradition with a scientific approach.
  • To registered the science club to VIgyan Prasar NETwork (VIPNET) of Govt. of India.j) To develop discussion groups/forums.
  • To organize motivational lectures, workshops, seminars, lecture classes and short term skill development training.
  • To prepare a group of students for doing volunteer activities for societal and nation building activities.
  • To organize special class room sessions and support them for science projects/ model and assignments.

NOTE for Researchers

Those who are willing to publish their research stories on MITWS PLATFORMS, they can send their stories in a 5 to 10 minute Video clipping to the MITWS open discussion whats app group.

Mobile/Whatsapp No. : (+91) 9457 566 259


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