Prakash Computer Point

"When the experienced speaks, the mind of folowers finds it indecent to object!"

Program for Skill Development (PSD)


Prakash Computer Point started the Computer Education and Training institution in UP. Our team members, having understood the demand at the time for qualified people in the area of computing, introduced the Beginners Diploma in Basic Computer Application & Office Automation etc. Since then, with very close relationship with industry, Prakash Computers Point has been introducing innovative courses to match the needs of the industry from time to time. New operating systems, computer languages, Web Designing and courses with modular structures were introduced giving the learner the best of options.


  • To provide computer literacy to village youth and students.
  • To provide basic to advance computer courses.
  • To provide online services & internet surfing zone to the rural people.
  • To providing Software/Hardware and repairing and maintenance of Desktops and laptops.
  • To provide E-library facilities

Our Facilities

Teaching Enviroment

A good teaching environment is much needed for better education and deeper learning, thus at Khushi Computers we you get the best possible environment to study.

Excellent Faculties

All our faculty staffs are well trained and has broad knowledge in their specialized subjects, thus students get quality training as well as good working skills.


State of the art Computer Labs equipped with latest Hardware & Software to get future proof knowledge and to understand the latest technologies.

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