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Program for Research, Techno-Services & Techno-Entrepreneurship Development


Technology Translation Center is the in-house research and technology development Center of MITWS. It starts at Nawabganj Bareilly to provide scientific and technological services and support to our young researchers, industrialists, students, root level innovators and other people working in the scientific and technological areas. Right now, we have started a small center at Nawabganj and a satellite branch at Bareilly city. The land for the campus has been arrange and in the coming future an independent research campus will be developed (work is under process and fund is managing)


  • To identify the key potentials of researchers and technological demands of industrialists.
  • To communication with different section of society, researchers and an industrialist, root level innovators and find solutions for current global challenges.
  • To support indigenous technologists, research scholars, scientists and industrialists.
  • To identification of technological problems and suggesting their possible solution.
  • To act as bridge between research laboratory and industry and trying to fill technological gaps between research laboratories and industries.
  • To organize industries and academic visit for better translation of research result into a viable products.
  • To facilitate basic, applied and technological contractual research.
  • To provide Testing, calibration and consultation services for small and medium scale industries.
  • To provide the facilities product/instrument validation process.
  • To provide instrumentation facilities for academic and industrial users.
  • To support for the conversion of crude research results in to technological viable technological products.
  • To provide facilities for development of prototype device/ product.
  • To work as a channel for the translation of basic research output as industrial product, upgrade process, find novel solutions/applications.
  • To support stability of indigenous new products in the market.
  • To evaluate and review for improving indigenous designed/developed new products.
  • To develop new technological products as a novel per the technological demands of people.
  • To support new collaborations among industries and academic institutions.
  • To aware students, rural people about recent development of science and technologies and new technologies available in the market.
  • To start a helpline number framers/ students/ research scholar for providing scientific/technical/career consultancy.
  • To provide in house technical training to student/researchers/scientists/industry delegates.
  • Technology transfer for new startup companies/ pilot plant/ technology demonstrative models
  • Set up the remote centre of MITWS “Center for Technical Consultancy (CTC)” in their campus for providing technical consultancy, IPR and other legal services.

TTC will open opportunities for generating employment to our technical and non technical youths and for developing new technological entrepreneurship development programs, setup and implement new business models.



[M.Tech(CSE), M.Sc.(CS)]
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