URJAA Program

ā€œDarkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that."

Program for Renewable Energy (PRE)



  • To aware people for various renewable source of energy.
  • To support for installation of husk power generation plant in rural areas.
  • To maintenance and distribution of electricity through village level power generation plant.
  • To set up power pilot projects: Plastic to petrol, high energy chemical production using solar energy, biogas plant, solar module installation, mini turbulent power generation units and bio-diesel production and blending unit.
  • To support small scale industries of the rural area by the implementation.
  • To make people aware about energy conservation.
  • To facilitate collaboration among industries and researchers working in the energy sectors.
  • To make village energy efficient & adopt renewable source of energy.
  • To design and develop innovative devices and apparatus based on solar energy and other alternative energy source.
  • To provide employment to rural youth and other people.
  • To develop research collaboration with research laboratories/ industries working in the area of energy and sustainable development. Coordinator

WSI offering products, solutions and services for non-conventional energy and energy conservations and conservation of natural resources. . World Energy Conservation predicted from the rate of utilization of energy resources that the coal deposits will deplete within 300 years and petroleum deposits will deplete in next few decades.

The increasing concern over global warming and green house effect had forced many institutions and governments to seriously look at alternate energy sources and conservation of natural resources.

The fast consumption of other sources of energy and other fuel has led to the increase of various solar products in the market. A natural source, this form of energy is not only efficient but also cost effective.

Non conventional energy or renewable energy can be utilised by a common man with guidance from Wadekar Solar Inc. (WSI) consultation, we can easily provide solutions to their high consumption of Electricity. They offer innovative solutions and Products to them, like water heating for bathing but will also address the day to day requirement of industries & common man electricity requirement as Solar Home Lights, Solar Street light Systems etc. These green power products that we have satisfy a number of clients from different industries. We believe in creating new possibilities in the field of renewable energy solutions.



[M.Tech(CSE), M.Sc.(CS)]
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