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Program for Publishing Research Stories (PRS)


In the ENDEAVOR program of MITWS we are trying to appreciate the hard work of a researcher. We will publish the research work of Indian scientist in an easy format so that a common people also listen/ see and understand the research work. The research stories will be published in various way audio/ video or text format. The research stories will be published on various platforms, i.e. MITWS website/ blog/you tube channel and social media pages and whats app. Such publication brings the hard work, determination, efforts, in the public domains. As we know every new invention and discovery has a story behind it and a scientist faces and good and challenging time before reaching to the desired result or inventions. For every great invention or discovery there are many other hidden personalities, who supported and contributed a lot.

This program is a wonderful tool to explore the hard work of a team and this will give recognization and fame in public domains. As a results core working team get appreciation/rewarded. A researcher working day and night in the laboratory, doing experiments and noting the reading , think continue to hours, consult many people, working with many people, and finally he make a blue print for a new technologies. But all his/her hidden efforts rarely comes appreciated especially junior researchers.

NOTE for Reasearchers

Those who are willing to publish their research stories on MITWS PLATFORMS, they can send their stories in a 5 to 10 minute Video clipping to the MITWS open discussion whats app group.

Mobile/Whatsapp No. : (+91) 9457 566 259


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