Charitable Library and Reading Room

“If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it."

Program for Charitable Libraries and Reading Room (PCL): "Mahamana Charitable Book Bank" Program


  • Establish Charitable Book Bank and Vachanalaya (reading room) in rural area.
  • Collect old and spare books in donation and provide them to needy students and other book lovers on nominal/nil membership fee.
  • Student consultancy and support by appropriate books/ magazines for specific competitive examination.
  • Initiate interactive session in schools and colleges by providing e-lectures and video conferencing.
  • Provide daily newspapers and other magazines.
  • Organizing special lectures fir the members/new age peoples for development their life and locality.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

MITWS Charitable Library works in the area of Education & Literacy in the talented children. Our organization works towards the promotion of sustainable development.

MITWS Educational Society is a registered volunteer organization working since June 2013. All the work of the organization is achieved through society’s support.

MITWS Book Bank

This charitable book bank is providing books to the poor students who are not in the position to afford the costly educational books to study. Our book bank has also been launched for the awareness and facility of the students and more than 1000 students have taken the advantages of our facilities and our books are gentling them supported in their studies and carries and our efforts and devotion us. Constantly going on so that no other brilliant and oriented student may leave his study due to the shortage of books availability.



[Ph.D.{Che.), M.Sc.]

Request for free Contribution

Our Invitation

Submit Your Contribution to Us

We Invite you to contribute yourself by donate your spare books which you don't need / donations to our organisation. which help us to provide more facility for poor students

We are inviting researchers and faculty members who are having good publication record to work part time in EDICOR program of MITWS. We will provide honorarium amount for giving their service as a subject expert and help in editing a manuscript.

The interested candidate submit the MITWS membership form along with your bank detail, PAN card, Adhaar Number and passport size photo.

Note : Those who are willing to avail this facility of MITWS can send their manuscript and editing fee with the form to the following :
Email Address :
Contact : 09457566259, 05825226755

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