Objectives of MITWS

“If you don't know what you want, you'll never find it. If you don't know what you deserve, you'll always settle for less. You will wander aimlessly, uncomfortably numb in your comfort zone, wondering how life has ended up here.”

Our Objectives and Activites

Mahamana Innovative Technologies Welfare Society (MITWS) is an association of researchers and teachers, most of them are working as regular employee in various academic institutes and research centers. The activities of MITWS have been carrying out are purely to serve humanity. Our services are a little contribution for nation building, for the well being of every section of society without any discrimination. We especially emphasize on the people who live in sub urban and rural places. We are participating in programs related with educational support to students and support new technology development. We design our programs for social welfare, environment improvement, green earth, kindness for poor people and animals.

We are actively involved in the process for popularize science among common people and trying to develop scientific thinking and aptitude in school and college students.

We are actively involved in the process for popularize science among common people and trying to develop scientific thinking and aptitude in school and college students. We are trying to act as a nurturing ground/platform for our future generation scientists/ engineers/ techno-entrepreneurship/ budding scientists and root level innovators. We are advocating ethical practices in research institute with more creative and innovative way. Research work should be design for the betterment of the society. We are trying to develop some role models in the society toward log term sustainability and we are often raising our voice on different issues and to bring positive reforms in education system of the country. We are collecting suggestions and feedback from researchers, so that we can conclude to find out necessary steps which are required to improve research system of the country. We are acting as a whistle blower and inform/ aware people/ authorities about white collar corruption in academics and research institutes so that appropriate action should be taken by the authorities against the persons involve in unethical/ fake/ manipulated/ false research practices. We are continuously raising our voice related to this issue on different platforms and take necessary steps.

Our approach is to motivate and support researchers for creative, innovative research work. Most of the programs of the MITWS are depends on charitable and fund collected in donation and self funded.

We have following objectives.

  • To give our services for the nation, the society and the ethical research.
  • To raise our voice against unethical practices in the research work.
  • To provide intellectual platform for scientific discussions and interdisciplinary research.
  • To provide following facilities library, internet surfing zones, laboratories, workshops and instrumental analysis.
  • To act as a platform scientific, technological and social project.
  • To aware people about white collar corruption in research and academic institutes.
  • To provide career consultancy, entrepreneurship development, specialized training and skill development, research mentorship/ guidance to research scholars, scientists, lab technician, technocrats, root level innovators, farmers, and students.
  • To motivate and appreciate researchers to work in a more innovative and creative way and rewarding the researchers and scientists for developing new path breaking technologies.
  • To recognize technological demand and provide solution based on local resources.
  • To tie up with research group and industries working in following research and technological products - Solar Products and modules; Solar device manufacturing and installation; Installation of micro grid system; Dye sensitized Solar cell; Silicon/polymer hybrid PV cell; Conducting polymers and their derivatives for various applications; Redox hydrogels; Conducting polymers for coating material and corrosion protection; Nano materials and devices based on it; Polymer/advance composite based long lasting batteries, Electrochemical Interface and devices; Biosensors/Chemical Sensors; DNA diagnostics, enzyme electrodes, sensor coatings and materials, microfabrication and micromachining, and modified and miniaturized electrodes; Plant extracts for drug development; Purification of Essential oils and other natural products; Educational kits and apparatus; Silica from rice husk ash; Virtual machines and software; Game soft ware; Medical device; Lab on Chip; Bio-nano robots; Micro fluidic devices; Paper strip testing kits for chemical analysis; Synthesis of chemoreceptors; Biomimic materials; artificial enzymes; enzyme extraction and purification; Flow-injection analysis (FIA) system; carbonaceous nano materials; and others.
  • To increase awareness of science and technology by publishing and distributing scientific magazine and journal, industrial/ laboratory.
  • To provide financial support to root level innovators, research scholars and students.
  • To participate and organize in scientific meeting /seminar /training /symposium /conference and workshops.
  • To facilitate the development of indigenous societal technologies.

NOTE for Researchers

Those who are willing to publish their research stories on MITWS PLATFORMS, they can send their stories in a 5 to 10 minute Video clipping to the MITWS open discussion whats app group.

Mobile/Whatsapp No. : (+91) 9457 566 259


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